Jesus Stood with Open Arms to Receive You

Bryan Richards

Neal A. Maxwell

“He is ’the keeper of the gate … and He employeth no servant there.’ (2 Nephi 9:41.) Those who reject Him will miss out on a special personal moment, because, as He laments, He has ’stood with open arms to receive you.’ (Mormon 6:17.) The unfaithful-along with the faithful-might have been ‘clasped in the arms of Jesus’ (Mormon 5:11). The imagery of the holy temples and holy scriptures thus blend so beautifully, including things pertaining to sacred moments. This is the grand moment toward which we point and from which we should not be deflected. Hence, those who pass through their fiery trials and still acknowledge but trust His hand now will feel the clasp of His arms later!” (Cory H. Maxwell, The Neal A. Maxwell Quote Book, p. 137)