“O Ye Fair Ones, How Could Ye Have Rejected That Jesus, Who Stood with Open Arms to Receive You”

Ed J. Pinegar, Richard J. Allen

Mormon, though himself wounded, is able to record his anguish at the utter annihilation of his people. Nearly a quarter million Nephite warriors have been slaughtered before his eyes—plus their families. Only a handful of others, including his son Moroni, remain alive. What agony and torment would consume the heart at such a scene! What a striking confirmation of the consequences of sin! What an unforgettable lesson in the justice and judgments of God upon faithless and irredeemable souls who willfully reject the gospel of Jesus Christ. What is the antidote to such a fate? What is the power of deliverance that will spare us a similar outcome? The following illustration provides the beginning of the answer:

Commentaries and Insights on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 2