“And the Lamanites Came Again Upon the Nephites to Battle”

W. Cleon Skousen

Beginning in 367 A.D.the avalanche of wickedness and murder became a horrible revolutionary movement among both Lamanites and Nephites.

In fact after the Lamanites had the advantage of being able to gather in reinforcements from the land southward to replace those who had been killed, the replacements for the Nephites was next to impossible because they were suffering one defeat after another. This discouraged any of the Nephites further north from coming down to help.

So the reinforced Lamanites once more gained complete possession of Teancum and Desolation, thereby forcing the Nephites to flee further north. Very shortly they learned that many of the women and children who had been captured were sacrificed as thank offerings to the Lamanite idols. Later on Moroni will give us a description of the fiendish suffering to which these Nephites were subjected as sacrificial victims.

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