“The Second Generation Had All Passed Away”

Monte S. Nyman

The six-year period mentioned here, the ending of the second generation (v. 22), was still a Zion society. Note that Christ is not opposed to riches, but collectively riches follow those who live the gospel. Their prosperity was still attributed to Christ (v. 23). Thus their peace and prosperity has lasted for about one hundred and sixty-seven years. Some people have drawn a parallel between the restoration and the millennium for these 167 years and then predicted that the decline of the Nephites that follows will parallel our time to the millennium. However, the writer understands the Zion society to be a parallel to life in the millennium, and the decline to be a parallel to Satan being “loosed for a little season” at the end of the millennium (D&C 88:110–11; see also Revelation 20:7–8). We will note the gradual decline and how it is connected with Satan.

Book of Mormon Commentary: Divine Ministry, the First Gospel