They Were Cast into a Furnace Andinto a Den of Wild Beasts

Bryan Richards

The Savior was careful to give the Nephites important scriptures which were not contained in the brass plates. He even performed many of the same miracles he had performed in Jerusalem. The Nephites were not to have an inferior or incomplete scriptural record. Interestingly, the Lord never said anything about the record of Daniel even though this record was not part of the brass plates of Laban. However, in this brief passage, we learn that the Nephites had their own story of "Daniel and the lion's den." The only difference was that it was titled, "The three Nephites and the den of wild beasts." Furthermore, the Nephites lacked the story of "Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego," but they had their own story of three righteous men cast into a furnace without receiving any harm (Dan 3:12-25; 6:10-24). Thus, the New World scriptures lacked nothing compared to the Old World counterpart. Nor did the spiritual heroics of these men pale in comparison to Old World prophets.