3 Nephi 27:30 Textual Variants

Royal Skousen
yea and even the Father rejoiceth and also [all 1ABCDEFGHIKLMNOPQRST| J] the holy angels because of you and this generation

Here the 1888 LDS edition omitted the universal quantifier all. No subsequent LDS edition was set from the 1888 edition; thus the all has been maintained in the LDS text. The phrase “holy angels” occurs one other place in the Book of Mormon text, and in that case we get the all:

Interestingly, the biblical text has the all with “holy angels” only once (marked below with an asterisk):

The critical text will follow the earliest reading in 3 Nephi 27:30, “and also all the holy angels”.

Summary: Maintain in 3 Nephi 27:30 the use of all in the phrase “and also all the holy angels”.

Analysis of Textual Variants of the Book of Mormon, Part. 6