The Father Rejoicethbecause of You and This Generation for None of Them Are Lost

Bryan Richards

Franklin D. Richards

"It is nowhere found in the scriptures of the New Testament or the Old that the Lord mingled with any people in the land of Palestine and told them that they of that generation were accepted of Him fully and utterly and that none of them should be lost…It seemed that the mission of Jesus in Palestine was one of toil and of humiliation. But upon this land there was a people of whom he said that that generation was accepted of him.
“It occurred to me: What a glorious thing it would be if we could hear that heavenly voice saying to us in this house that with us the Lord is well pleased and satisfied and that not a soul would be lost.” (Collected Discourses, Vol.3, Franklin D. Richards, January 29th, 1893)

Bruce R. McConkie

“When else was it ever thus? In Zion of Enoch, be it answered, for the saints of that day were translated and taken up into heaven; but there has been no other time of which we have knowledge when righteousness has prevailed among so many people to the degree here manifest. And what joy is found in heaven when the righteous so live as to merit eternal life.” (The Mortal Messiah, book 4, p. 386)