“Write the Things Which Ye Have Seen and Heard”

George Reynolds, Janne M. Sjodahl

The members of Christ's Church have always been a record-keeping people. Even in great detail has the Church in modern days kept the record of all those who have taken upon themselves the Name of Christ.)

"And now there are many records kept of the proceedings of this people, by many of this people, which are particular and very large, concerning them...But behold, a hundredth part of the proceedings of this people cannot be contained in this work. But behold, there are many books and many records of every kind and they have been kept chiefly by the Nephites." (Helaman 13-15)2 Whether or not they have been diligent in their labors, attending their meetings, paying their tithing, keeping the Word of Wisdom; their Temple Marriages, sealings, and in doing work for the dead, all these and more a sacred record of them is made. At the Last Day when all men shall stand before Christ to be judged, many will attempt to sway the Judge, one way or the other. Some will even dispute what we may say as the findings of that Court. But the Records are there and there will be no hearsay; what we have said and done while on the Earth will be an open book, and from them we will be rewarded justly, whether our works have been good or whether they have been bad. The Judge at that Day will be impartial; all will stand before Him on equal ground, save those who have not served Him, and their reward will be according to merit.

Christ commanded His Nephite Disciple to "Write the things which ye have seen and heard, save it be those which are forbidden.")3 (v. 23)

Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 7