“He Did Expound All Things Even from the Beginning”

Bryan Richards
“After reciting these scriptures to the people, the Savior…then explained all things to them ‘from the beginning until the time that he should come in his glory’ (3 Nephi 26:3). It seems likely that, having just quoted these verses about Elijah’s promised return, the Lord then explained something about Elijah’s mission, what it meant and why it was necessary. Because that mission and the keys of the sealing power that form such an integral part of it pertain so much to the sacred work carried on in the holy temples of the Lord, it is not surprising that the text of 3 Nephi does not give us more detail about the Lord’s explanations. They were probably things of such a sacred nature as to be learned by us only in the temple.” (Byron R. Merrill, Elijah: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, chap. 16)