“Bring Ye All the Tithes into the Storehouse”

Joseph F. McConkie, Robert L. Millet

To Latter-day Saints, this is one of the most familiar statements of the ancient prophet Malachi. It is significant to note that his teaching on the law of tithing was included in the Lord’s recitation to the Nephites.

We do not know whether the Nephites, prior to the coming of Jesus among them, lived a law of tithing in addition to the Mosaic sacrificial requirements, nor is it revealed how this passage was applied by then after the fulfillment of the law.

Is it perhaps reasonable to assume that with the fulfillment of the law of Moses tithing became as much a part of their keeping of the eternal law of sacrifice as it is he us today__“a standing law unto them forever”(see D&C 119:3-4)? If such is the case, then the Lord’s promise, cited by Malachi, concerning the “windows of heaven” was as relevant then as now.

Doctrinal Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 4