“Jesus Had Expounded All the Scriptures in One”

Brant Gardner

The ending of this section on the value and importance of the written scriptures is the command that the people be taught from that which was written. This returns to the emphasis on the words of Isaiah, and the need to write down what was happening in this visitation of the Messiah to the people. These words would become the same as those of Isaiah, and they were to teach each other from them, for they had the same value. The value in the scriptures is in the truth they hold, not in their relative age. Even the “new” scriptures from Samuel were important to be written.

Textual: The Book of Mormon, in its original chapter configuration, demonstrates an interesting trait in that what would appear to be concluding statements come at the beginning of subsequent chapters rather than at the end of chapters as we expect them. In this case, the following chapter begins a citation of a full chapter from Malachi. In order to preserve the versification as it is in the KJV, this verse was moved to the end of this chapter.

Multidimensional Commentary on the Book of Mormon