“Remembered That This Thing Had Not Been Written”

Brant Gardner

The command to write appears to deal only with the fulfillment of this resurrection episode. Nephi “remembered that this thing had not been written,” so it appears that this was not recorded in either the official plates of Nephi or the smaller record Nephi3 wrote which is the basis of Mormon’s 3 Nephi account (3 Ne. 5:9–10). Even with this command to complete the records, it is interesting that Mormon elected to include the instruction to write this information, but not the information itself. Apparently, Mormon felt that the injunction to keep the records of the prophets was more important than a fulfillment of a prophecy of resurrection. The fact that the resurrected Lord appeared in Bountiful was probably ample proof of that doctrine.

Text: A chapter ends here in the 1830 edition.

Second Witness: Analytical & Contextual Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 5