“That Many Saints Did Arise and Appear Unto Many”

Brant Gardner

The command to write appears to be directed to this particular fulfillment. At least this fulfillment does not appear to have been written in any text. We know that there are at least two records available for the material we have in 3 Nephi. The first is the official large plate text, and the second is the personal record of Nephi. Mormon tells us that he is using Nephi’s record as the basis for Mormon’s text, not the official plates he could have used (3 Nephi 5:9-10). Since the response to the Lord is that they remembered that it had not been written, this would suggest that it had not been written at all, in either (or any) of the available accounts.

Textual: This is the end of a chapter in the 1830 edition.

Multidimensional Commentary on the Book of Mormon