“It Was Noised Abroad Among the People Immediately”

Bryan Richards

One can only imagine the excitement which must have spread like a tidal wave throughout the rest of society. This night must have been sleepless, filled with anticipation, exceeding anything they had ever experienced. Even those old enough to remember the night without darkness which heralded Christ's birth over thirty-three years earlier were to have a night of even greater anticipation. How could they sleep when they were soon to see the resurrected Lord?

Hugh Nibley

"Now there's a reminder of that exciting passage from Thycidides where it says 'that night, no man slept.' It's like Christmas Eve-the tremendous excitement about the great thing that's going to happen tomorrow. Everybody is rushing around spreading the news: The Lord has finally come. He's going to be here tomorrow…The multitude dispersed. Everybody went home, but they didn't go to bed…A great thing is going to happen; we're going to receive a great gift tomorrow. We're going to get the gospel tomorrow. They're all excited about it. As I said, not a man slept." (Teachings of the Book of Mormon, lecture 85, p. 355)