Some Teachings of the Savior on Prayer

Daniel H. Ludlow

The best recorded sermon on prayer given by the Savior is found in the Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi 18. In eleven brief verses the Savior gives the following counsel and reasons for praying: We should pray because he has set the example (verse 16); we should pray lest we should enter into temptation (verse 18); we should pray so that we will not be led away captive by the devil (verse 15); we should pray "unto the Father" in the name of Jesus Christ (verse 19); we should pray for things which are right for us (verse 20); we should pray in faith (verse 20); we should pray with our families so that our wives and children may be blessed (verse 21); we should meet together and pray often (verse 22); we should pray for others to meet with us (verse 23); we should pray as an example for others (verse 24).

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