The Renewing of Covenants

Ed J. Pinegar, Richard J. Allen

We renew our baptismal covenants with the symbolic representation of our Savior’s body and blood. We recognize and remember His infinite and eternal sacrifice—the infinite Atonement. In partaking of the sacrament, we renew all our covenants through our Savior Jesus Christ, including those having to do with baptism, the priesthood, and the temple. All covenants are renewed in this sacred and holy ordinance.

President Hinckley has said, “Each of us has made a covenant with the Lord and we renew that covenant as we partake of the sacrament. We take upon ourselves covenants in His holy house, and that covenant is in similitude of the covenant that Jehovah made with Abraham, that He would be our God and we would be His people” (“Pres. Hinckley Continues Rapid Pace,” LDS Church News, 1997, 03/01/97).

Elder Stapley echoes a similar theme when he reminds us of the following:

(1) The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is a covenant between God and his people. (2) When baptized by an authorized servant of God, we covenant to do God’s will and to obey his commandments. (3) By partaking of the Sacrament we renew all covenants entered into with the Lord and pledge ourselves to take upon us the name of his Son, to always remember him and keep his commandments. (4) There is an oath and covenant which belongs to the priesthood wherein men receiving this holy power pledge themselves faithfully to keep all the commandments of God and to magnify their callings in the priesthood, which is God’s gift of his power and authority unto them. (5) In connection with all ordinances pertaining to the temples of our God, men and women accept covenants and obligations which relate to the endowment and to the eternity of the marriage and family relationship. All these doctrines and more are necessary and vital to the salvation, exaltation and eternal happiness of God’s children.” (CR, October 1965, 14)

When we understand and appreciate the goodness of God and His covenants that He has made with His children and the blessings associated with them, we will change. We will have an overwhelming desire to do good. We will want to claim the blessings by keeping our covenants and witnessing before God our willingness to do so by partaking of the sacrament. (Ed J. Pinegar)

Commentaries and Insights on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 2