“If the Gentiles Will Repent, they Shall Be Numbered Among My People”

Bryan Richards

B. H. Roberts

"Notwithstanding the list of their abominations (3 Nephi 16:10) -- great as it is -- notwithstanding their rejection of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the people of God, yet, if they will but repent, God promises to renew their lot and their part in the glories of this great Latter-day work.
"Shall we not, then, proclaim to our nation and to all the inhabitants thereof this glorious promise that is held out of the Lord unto them? And the fact that we have eight missions established within the boundaries of the United States, and are laboring with all diligence to make proclamation of the Gospel -- is it not good evidence that God is willing that we should continue our labors among the people of the United States?
"…This, then, is what I think constitutes the national phase of our mission to the United States -- to make proclamation unto the inhabitants of all the land that these are their opportunities and their blessings if only they will extend their hands and receive them. And, on the other hand, woe be unto them if they hearken not unto the message of God, after all His great mercies unto them." (Conference Report, Oct. 1922, pp. 18-19)