“Ye Shall Come Unto the Knowledge of the Fulness of My Gospel”

W. Cleon Skousen

The rich and powerful Gentiles will begin to see that the fulness of the gospel is causing the lowly Lamanites and those of mixed Lamanite blood to become a strong and influential people. This prophecy is now in the process of being fulfilled and not only the Lamanites but particularly those of mixed blood are coming into the Church by the tens of thousands. These people are primarily the inhabitants of Mexico and the other Latin American countries where new stakes and temples of the Church are multiplying at an astonishing new rate.

Now as Jesus addressed the people whose posterity will fulfill this prophecy, he had another prophecy in his mind. It is a prophecy which he will talk about in chapters 20 and 21. It is a prophecy which we find among the writings of an Old Testament prophet named Micah. Jesus apparently never identified this prophet while talking to the Nephites, but his words could have been easily located in the plates of brass. Micah proclaimed that if the wicked Gentiles (whom Jesus identifies as those inhabiting modern America) did not repent, the flourishing seed of Jacob or the Lamanite nations would rise up in their righteous strength and completely cleanse America of the wicked Gentiles.

Of course, as we move into the millennial year of 2000 A.D.such a shift of political power may seem virtually impossible, but studies show that certain circumstances could bring about some tremendous changes. However, be that as it may, the Lord wants to save the Gentiles, not destroy them. In spite of the wickedness among some of the Gentile leaders and at different levels of Gentile society, as a people they have accomplished marvelous things in the modern world. To be preserved, the Gentiles simply need to repent and make the fulness of the gospel the leading force throughout the land.

This is why missionaries are being sent out by the tens of thousands among the American Gentiles as well as the seed of Jacob in the Latin American countries. And while a shocking amount of wickedness prevails for the moment at many levels of the American culture, new stakes and temples are sprouting up as never before. In fact the Church has had to construct the largest building for religious worship in the United States in order to accommodate the semi-annual conferences of its church leaders which are brought together from all over the world.

At this point Jesus describes what would happen if the American Gentiles participated in a vast tidal wave of conversion and united with the seed of Jacob to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Christ. Here is how Jesus said the Gentiles could become part of the house of Israel and be numbered among God's people.

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