Lamanites Trodden Under Feet of Gentiles

K. Douglas Bassett

1 Ne. 22:7, 8; 2 Ne.1:10-11; 26:15, 19; 3 Ne. 20:27-28; Morm. 5:9, 20; Treasures of the Book of Mormon, Skousen, pp. 1186-1187; Book of Mormon Prophecies, Warner, pp. 121-126; refer in this text to 1 Ne. 13:14-15

Indian Population

Year North America YearHaiti and Santo Domingo
149210,000,0001492 2-300,000 (estimate)
1900 235,0001548500
“The Indians as described by Columbus were ‘gentle beings, souls of hospitality, curious and merry, truthful and faithful, walking in beauty and possessors of spiritual religion.’” (John Collier, The Indians of the Americas, pp. 97-98)
[Concerning the invasion of the Gentiles] “The situation was as if a mysterious stranger, announcing himself with words of love, welcomed with delight as a guest, embraced as a friend, given the run of the house and taken into the family’s bosom, had suddenly revealed himself as no man at all but a devouring werewolf.” (John Collier, The Indians of the Americas, p. 97)
“Unfortunately, these benighted descendants of Lehi had lost the records which we are now reading [Book of Mormon], so they did not know that before their Fair God returned to earth, the Gentiles would come and scatter them to the four winds. They also did not know that after they were conquered it would be another group of Gentiles who would bring them the Gospel and prepare them for the return of the Fair God, Jesus Christ. All the descendants of Lehi were going to have to find out the hard way.” (Cleon Skousen, Treasures of the Book of Mormon, 1:1187)

Latter-Day Commentary on the Book of Mormon