“Ye Must Repent and Be Baptized in My Name, and Become as a Little Child”

George Reynolds, Janne M. Sjodahl

Our Lord, next, tells Nephi and the other disciples, and He repeats it by way of emphasis, that repentance, a childlike disposition and baptism, are three conditions without which none can inherit the Kingdom of God.

Why childlike? The normal little child is willing to learn. It is content with the arrangements of its father or mother, its teachers, its lawful governors, to whom it is bound by love, admiration and respect. Because of that disposition it fits perfectly in its place in the family, the school or the society. It is so with those who have experienced repentance, been "born again" and become as a little child, childlike, and have proved their willingness to obey the Lord; they are they who can have a useful place in God's Kingdom. They are never rebellious. In other words, they are as a stone laid in its proper place in the structure reared on the Eternal Rock, which Rock is Jesus Christ.is that stone put as the angle of a building usually at the foundation thereof, and is of fundamental importance. It is often used metaphorically. Jesus Christ is the Comer Stone which was rejected by the Jews, but it however became the Corner Stone of the Church.

As Christ, the Head, is called the Corner Stone, so also His followers, true believers, who are built upon that Stone, and derive spiritual strength from that Stone which is the foundation of the Church, are called stones. (I Peter 2:5)1

Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 7