“The Prints of the Nails in His Hands”

Jana Reiss

LDS Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland notes that in the Book of Mormon,

“It is a significant and hopeful fact that it is the wounded Christ who comes to our rescue.”

Since Christ is the only person in history to be brought back to life without later succumbing to a second physical death (Lazarus in the New Testament, for instance, was raised from the dead but presumably died of other causes later), and we know from other Book of Mormon teachings that to be resurrected means to inherit a perfect physical body, it must follow that the resurrected Christ chose to appear before the Nephites in his wounded state. Elder Holland writes,

“Even though the power of the Resurrection could have—and undoubtedly one day will have—completely restored and made new the wounds from the crucifixion, nevertheless Christ chose to retain those wounds for a purpose, including for his appearance in the last days when he will show those marks and reveal that he was wounded ‘in the house of [his] friends.’”

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