“And He Was Clothed in a White Robe and He Came Down and Stood in the Midst of Them”

Joseph F. McConkie, Robert L. Millet

This unique witness, which was given to each person there present, becomes important in their reception of the subsequent teachings Jesus gave to them. With their spirits deeply touched and their hearts softened by such a spiritual experience, they were prepared to hear and embrace the words of their Master.

The resurrected Lord’s appearance, coupled with each person’s own eye-witness experience of being with and being taught by the Savior, as well as the continual teaching, testifying, and reminding of this great event, served as the foundation for a “golden age” among the Nephites where “there was no contention,” where there were “mighty miracles wrought,” and where “there could not be a happier people” (see 4 Nephi 1:1-17).

“And the Veil Was Taken from Off the Eyes of the Brother of Jared”

Here is recorded one of the great theophanies of all time. Because of his knowledge of and his trust in Jehovah, this man was allowed, first of all, to have the veil which separates mortals from immortals parted in such a way as to behold the finger of the God of the patriarchs. Then, after exerting his faith and asserting his desire to see even more, he was allowed the consummate privilege of seeing the Lord and of communing with him on the promised basis. That is to say, the brother of Jared enjoyed the blessing of the Second Comforter, the personal presence and ministration of the Lord God himself (see John 14:18, 21, 23; Teachings, pp. 149-51). The faith of Moriancumer was powerfully childlike; his trust was absolute; his reliance on the Lord was complete. And thus the Lord trusted him.

Doctrinal Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 4