“There Was Silence in the Land for the Space of Many Hours”

Bryan Richards

We think of silence as a peaceful and tranquil state. But imagine the solemn situation of the Nephite survivors. They have been in total darkness for almost three days. They are unable to create light in any fashion. They have been made as if blind—a terrifying condition. In addition, they have just heard the voice of Jehovah from the heavens declaring unto them what has been destroyed and why, announcing himself as Jesus Christ, the light and the life of the world. They hear Him call them to repentance and then there is silence.

But the silence is coupled with complete darkness. No one says a thing. No one sees a thing. No one hears a thing for the space of many hours. To be left alone in the dark with nothing but one's own thoughts can be a lonely, frightening experience. Certainly, they must have had solemn thoughts of fear, solemn thoughts of gratitude, and solemn thoughts of remorse. They were lucky to be alive and they knew it.