“The City of Gadiandi and the City of Gadiomnah, and the City of Jacob, and the City of Gimgimno”

Alan C. Miner

John Sorenson notes that the Lord's account of destroyed cities tells a story of great damage. The listing of their fates (see 3 Nephi 8-9) informs us of sixteen named cities that bore the brunt of the natural catastrophe. The list appears to be in two parts: 3 Nephi 9:3-7 gives the names of three destroyed places that we know were located in the land southward, so it is logical that the four cities mentioned with them were also located in the south. 3 Nephi 9:8-10 form a distinct segment of text and probably name cities farther northward. Jacobugath was farther north than all the other cities mentioned in the Book of Mormon for which we know locations. Very likely the others mentioned with it in these three verses were likewise to the north. [John L. Sorenson, Mormon's Map, F.A.R.M.S., p. 118]

Step by Step Through the Book of Mormon: A Cultural Commentary