Tempests, Earthquakes, Fires, Whirlwinds, Physical Upheavals

K. Douglas Bassett

D&C 88:89-90; Since Cumorah, Nibley, pp. 262-268; Book of Mormon 121-122 Student Manual, p. 114; Mormon Doctrine, McConkie, pp. 211-212; Conference Report, Kimball, Apr. 1977, pp. 4-5; The Messiah in Ancient America, Ferguson, Chapter 2; Doctrines of Salvation; Smith, 3:41-43; Conference Report, Kimball, Apr. 1963, pp. 64-65; Journal of Discourses 21:195

“Just as surely as Jesus was born in Bethlehem, just so surely will he come again, a resurrected, glorified being, and with him will come hosts, and there will be many spectacular changes. It will not be the end of the world in the sense of annihilation, but the end of its present relationships, and there will be many, many changes. Beginning with the bridegroom’s coming will come the celestializing of this earth and tremendous changes which we can hardly think of or believe… . At any rate, not anyone in this building knows when the end is coming or when the Christ will come… . And so the time is coming, I do not know when it will be. I only hope when the examination is put on the blackboard, we will all be … able to answer the questions satisfactorily.” (Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, pp. 440-441)

Latter-Day Commentary on the Book of Mormon