“Lachoneus, Son of Lachoneus”

Ed J. Pinegar, Richard J. Allen

Lachoneus, son of Lachoneus, succeeds his father in AD 30. Lachoneus I is responsible, along with Gidgiddoni, for putting a stop to the rise of secret combinations in the land and restoring peace once again (see 3 Nephi 6:6) in the period from AD 26 to AD 27. However, the peace is soon imperiled as the people begin to forget the principles of righteousness and elevate themselves in arrogance and pride, being “distinguished by ranks, according to their riches and their chances for learning” (3 Nephi 6:12). Secret combinations among the nefarious judges and lawyers will soon conspire to murder Lachoneus II.

Commentaries and Insights on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 2