“Their Hearts Were Swollen with Joy Unto the Gushing out of Many Tears”

Bryan Richards

The Nephites hearts were swollen with joy because the Lord had delivered them from their greatest enemy. This passage so accurately portrays our emotions when we similarly shed tears because of the great goodness of God. As mortals, our joy is often overwhelming, but it is not yet full. Greater days await us, when greater emotions will swell within and more tears will gush out.

Neal A. Maxwell

“Recollect the deepest moments of marital and familial joy, whether in rejoicings, reunions, or reconciliations, when ‘because of the great goodness of God’ there was a ‘gushing out of many tears’ (3 Nephi 4:33); when your ’heart [was] brim with joy’ (Alma 26:11). Yet this was but a foretaste of the ultimate homecoming, when our cups will not only be brim but will run over without ceasing.” (Not My Will But Thine, p. 143)

Neal A. Maxwell

"Thus the things of which we can be most certain are also those things which matter most…We can have a bad day but still have a good life. We can have tribulation but see it paled by the resurrection. We can exhibit calm commitment as did hope-filled Job amid tribulation and avoid charging ’God foolishly.’ (Job 1:22.)
"Thus, nothing that really matters has changed since long ago when, with full justification, we shouted for joy. All that matters is gloriously intact. The promises are in place. It is up to us to perform.
“Someday when we kneel again in those corridors where that special shout once echoed, having been delivered from our last enemy, death, we will have hearts ’swollen with joy, unto the gushing out of many tears.’ (3 Nephi 4:33.) It is a moment we must not miss! It is worth cheerfully enduring a few disappointments and pains now and letting a few mortal appetites go unsatiated.” (Notwithstanding My Weakness, p. 58)