“He Did Send Out His Armies in the Night–time and Did Cut Off the Way of Their Retreat”

Brant Gardner

Gidgiddoni understands the intent of the Gadiantons. It is certain that he had spies reporting the Gadianton positions, and in this case their information was invaluable. To achieve his goals, Gidgiddoni executes a night-time forced march. As we saw in the more detailed wars of Captain Moroni, the Nephites have used night-time maneuvers before. We have also seen that they are difficult and dangerous. It was perhaps the advantage of the Nephites that they would be traveling through their own lands. Thus, even though it was night, the terrain could have been familiar to some, and they could have located the best paths to take through the land to be able to front the Gaddiantons.

Multidimensional Commentary on the Book of Mormon