“There Was No Chance for the Robbers to Plunder and to Obtain Food”

Brant Gardner

The specific method of obtaining food is listed as “plunder.” That term indicates the taking of something by force, and it is an accurate description of the method the Gadianton army would have used to resupply themselves, as paralleled to the later Aztec practice. They had intended to resupply with the smaller villages and cities, but they found them abandoned, and lacking any usable provisions.

In this verse we find “horses” yet again. In this particular case, the context becomes even more directly one of provisions. The intent of the verse is to note the food supplies that were denied to the Gadiantons. Most of the descriptions are clearly food animals, as indicated by cattle and flocks. In this set, and right after the word provisions, we have the word horses. This strongly suggests that whatever was meant by “horse,” it was an animal that was considered primarily food, even though it does also appear with the equally enigmatic “chariot.”

Multidimensional Commentary on the Book of Mormon