The Robbers Began to Take Possession of the Lands Both Which Were in the Land South and Which Were in the Land North

Alan C. Miner

The Nephites had gathered to "the center of our lands" (3 Nephi 3:21). Apparently the robbers were closing in on the Nephites from at least two sides, the north and the south (see 3 Nephi 4:1). Whether the robbers closed in from the east and the west is not specifically mentioned; however, the phrase "center of our lands" seems to imply as much. Additionally, in 3 Nephi 4:16 it says that the robbers came up on all sides to lay seige. The Nephites seem to have gathered to a hilly area because the robbers had to "come up" to battle against them (3 Nephi 4:4).

Step by Step Through the Book of Mormon: A Cultural Commentary