“If We Should Go Up Against Them the Lord Would Deliver Us into Their Hands”

Brant Gardner

The people desire to take the offensive. They want to go to the city of the Gadiantons and destroy them there. Gidgiddoni understands that the Gadiantons are too strong for that. He understands that should they go up against them in their stronghold, and in their strength, that they could be too much for the Nephites. God may be with them, but he is with them to help as they make wise choices.

Gidgiddoni lets the people know that the best strategy is a defensive one, and the one that increases the Gadianton’s supply-line problems. As a military man, Gidgiddoni would be well aware of the extra strain that would place on the Gadianton army.

Multidimensional Commentary on the Book of Mormon