“His Son Nephi Did Keep the Records in His Stead”

Bryan Richards
"Nephi, like his illustrious father, was the leading spirit of the age. Previous to the visit of the risen Redeemer to the Nephites he was their High Priest and prophet. When the Messiah came to them and chose twelve Disciples to be special ministers of His Name and glory, Nephi was the first that He called. To him, on various occasions, the Savior immediately directed His conversation and instructions.
"Shortly before the birth of our Savior, Nephi received the Sacred Plates with their appendages from his father with strict instructions as to their care. From that time the elder Nephi was no more seen by mortals and his son took his place as the representative of Jehovah to the inhabitants of the western world." (Reynolds and Sjodahl, Commentary on the Book of Mormon, vol. 7, p. 49-50)