The Meaning of the Term AD 1

Bryan Richards
“The chronological material listed on the bottom of each page in the Book of Mormon did not appear in the first edition. These chronological notes were first added in the edition of 1920 at the recommendation of a committee headed by Elder James E. Talmage. The abbreviation B.C. is used to designate the number of years before the time of Christ. The abbreviation A.D. (from the Latin Anno Domini, meaning ‘in the year of our Lord’) is used to indicate the number of years since the birth of Christ. Note that this calendar system does not go through a zero number. Thus the year before the birth of Christ is 1 B.C. and the year in which the Savior is born is A.D. 1. According to the calendar systems previously used by the Nephites, the year A.D. 1 occurs in the ninety-second year of the reign of judges (the record says the ‘ninety and first year had passed away’) and in the six hundredth year from the time Lehi left Jerusalem. (3 Nephi 1:1.)” (Daniel Ludlow, A Companion to Your Study of the Book of Mormon, p. 252)

The End of the Ministry of Nephi

Richard G. Scott

"Nephi lived in a time of tremendous upheaval and dissension when morals and standards were abandoned, government had disintegrated, and Gadianton robbers ruled the land, yet he remained faithful and engendered faith in others willing to hear the message of Jesus Christ. He taught with power. He was fearless in proclaiming truth no matter what opposition he encountered. When Satan applied more pressure he became more determined in living and acting righteously. He perfected his ability to be led by the Spirit and followed its direction without hesitation. His fearlessness came from a righteous heart. He possessed great humility and compassion. He blessed others with a knowledge of truth. His total faith in Jesus Christ allowed him to be protected and empowered to do good. He taught us how to pray for an answer when we urgently need it. He showed those who hold the priesthood how to exercise that sacred authority properly.
“…I love this prophet. I humbly testify that Nephi’s greatness came from his humility, his unflinching obedience, and his firmly rooted faith in Jesus the Christ. When truth was taught, he listened carefully and obeyed it consistently. May our study and pondering of the example of this admirable servant of the Lord enrich us with a desire to be more submissive when tested, more obedient when tempted, more forgiving when falsely accused, and more resolute in our faith in the Master.” (Heroes From The Book of Mormon, p. 155-6)