“He Went and Got Upon the Wall Thereof”

Bryan Richards

Elder Andrew W. Petersen

"There are daily walls to climb in our own lives. They present themselves most often as invitations for growth: the daily challenges of parenting, a difficult assignment at work, a new calling in the Church, a sacrament meeting or stake conference talk to present, a lesson to be given in priesthood meeting or Relief Society.
"I well remember my first morning of tracting as a new missionary in Cordoba, Argentina. My senior companion knocked on the first door and presented, what seemed to me, a very impressive door approach in fluent Spanish. The next door was mine! The walls of Zarahemla could not have seemed any higher than the short distance from the sidewalk to the front door. In spite of my limited Spanish, my faith, prayers, and a desire to learn and obey sustained me as I 'climbed upon my wall' that morning.
"When temptations present themselves, as surely they do, we must climb upon the daily walls of life and learn to say no." (Heroes From The Book of Mormon, p. 160-1)