“The Lamanites Did Observe Strictly to Keep the Commandments of God”

Brant Gardner

Chronological: The eighty-sixth year of the reign of the judges would be approximately 10BC. In addition to this chronological countdown, it should be noted that this commentary is using 4BC and the date of Jesus’ birth. Thus we are only six years away from that most important event.  With only six years before the miraculous birth, the Nephites are not improving in their observance of the gospel. Mormon contrasts this with the faithfulness of the Lamanites. Again, we must remember that while there are righteous Lamanites, not all Lamanites are righteous. Mormon does not chose to make this distinction because it suits his purposes better to provide a direct contrast between the reversal of expectations. The formerly righteous Nephites are growing in wickedness. The formerly wicked Lamanites are strictly observing the commandments of God.

Multidimensional Commentary on the Book of Mormon