“Cezoram Was Murdered and His Son Seezoram Had Been Appointed by the People in His Stead”

Alan C. Miner

The chief judge Cezoram "was murdered by an unknown hand as he sat upon the judgment-seat And . . . his son ["Seezoram"--see Helaman 9:23], who had been appointed by the people in his stead was also murdered" (Helaman 6:15). The Book of Mormon student should note that the name Cezoram and Seezoram both contain the name "Zoram."

According to Michael Hobby, it may be that the descendants of Zoram had consolidated the support necessary to wrench the government of the land of Zarahemla from the Nephites with Mulekite support. It is very significant that for a number of years, dissident Zoramites (Amalickiah, Ammoron, and Tubaloth) had succeeded in establishing a ruling dynasty over the Lamanites. [Michael M. Hobby, The Mulekite Connection, p. 50]

Helaman 6:15 Cezoram was murdered . . . and his son, who had been appointed by the people in his stead, was also murdered (Nephite Chief Priests) [[Illustration]]: Nephite Chief Priests. Adapted from [John W. Welch and Morgan A. Ashton, "Charting the Book of Mormon," Packet 1, F.A.R.M.S., 1997]

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