“Cezoram Was Murdered”

Bryan Richards

In the span of 35 years, the chief judges among the Nephites were always in danger. Pahoran was driven from Zarahemla by the kingmen (Alma 61:5,80). His son, Pahoran was the first chief judge to be assassinated (Hel 1:9). Pahoran's successor, Helaman survived an assassination attempt by Kishkumen (Hel 2:3-9). Helaman's son, Nephi, after serving for nine years, wisely gave up the judgment-seat to Cezoram (Hel 5:1). Four years later, Cezoram and his son were both killed. The record states that Cezoram was killed by an unknown hand, but, as with the others, that hand belonged to Gadianton's band (v. 19). This pattern of wickedness will continue among the Nephites as long as the Gadianton robbers are tolerated.