“When Ye Shall Do This the Cloud of Darkness Shall Be Removed”

Bryan Richards

Jeffrey R. Holland

"’Ye shall have faith in Christ, … and when ye shall do this, the cloud of darkness shall be removed from overshadowing you.’(Helaman 5:40-41.)
"This brightness of hope and unspeakable joy in God’s power and comfort comes, even in everyday matters for me, only as I prayerfully exert my right to his Spirit. If in my heart I go to God the moment I feel even the slightest intimation of fear (or darkness or worry) instead of waiting to let it accumulate, if I speak to God even as my most trusted friend, my wisest counselor, and stay there in my heart or on my knees talking to him long enough, I can always see a ray of light at the edge of those dark shadows. Most often I can then leave his presence with my heart singing. This does not mean that my troubles have dissolved—they probably haven’t—but I somehow have the power to see above and around and through those clouds of darkness with greater calm and peacefulness. I know that he will, with time, help me to dissipate them completely.
“Out of sorrow and despair we are, through the comforting, protecting grace of God, lifted out of our weakness to the very summit of spiritual, peaceful transcendence that, without the ‘Father of all comfort’ could only be dreamed about from afar.” (On Earth As It Is In Heaven, p. 40)