“What Shall We Do?”

Brant Gardner

The Lamanites unquestioningly accept his explanation. Their own cultural experience tells them that the tremblings of the earth signal a divine event, and Aminadab’s testimony confirms the brothers’ power and close connection to Yahweh. They were in obvious danger from the quaking walls and the oppressive cloud of darkness. Undoubtedly, they also feared the eruption and the potential damage of both lava and ash. Thus, without theological quibbling, they ask how they can be saved.

Apparently, they do not think of asking Nephi and Lehi directly. Perhaps the shining countenances made them dangerous by their obvious proximity to the divine. The Lamanites therefore turn to Aminadab to continue as an interpreter. Presumably, as a Nephite, he would know the correct Nephite rite of propitiation and/or intervention to save them from Yahweh’s anger.

Second Witness: Analytical & Contextual Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 5