“Kishkumen Who Had Murdered Pahoran Did Lay Wait to Destroy Helaman Also”

Alan C. Miner

According to Michael Hobby, with Pahoran out of the way (Helaman 1:9), and also Pacumeni (Helaman 1:21), the Mulekite faction who had supported Paanchi were now only one assassination away from frustrating Nephite law. The sons of Helaman3 were not old enough to fill the judgment-seat should anything happen to their father (see Helaman 3:21). Further, like Alma2 in the beginning, Helaman3 now was both High Priest and Chief Judge. Had Kishkumen (notice the Jaredite root in his name) not been discovered by one of the servants of Helaman3, he would have murdered Helaman3 on instructions from Gadianton. This would have opened up the way for a Mulekite to obtain the Judgment-seat, thereby consolidating power in the hands of the dissident Mulekites. Although Gadianton had to flee into the wilderness, he was able to convert that faction which had supported Paanchi (Helaman 1:7) into a guerilla band, which drew it's Mulekite based strength from that portion of society outside the church. [Michael M. Hobby, The Mulekite Connection, p. 47]

Step by Step Through the Book of Mormon: A Cultural Commentary