“The Kingmen Versus the Freemen - 25th Year”

The king-men opposed the purpose of government, as outlined in Pahoran’s oath (Alma 50:39). The few particular points of the law that the king-men wished to have altered are not stated (v. 2). However, they must have been a threat to the oath of the chief judge because Pahoran would not change them. Furthermore, the king-men wanted to overthrow the free government that sought to maintain the rights and privileges of religion (v. 6). The king-men were of high birth and sought to exercise power and authority over the people (v. 8). Therefore it was freedom versus bondage, or restriction of agency (see v. 21). Being “of high birth” suggests institution of a class system or inequality of men. It further promotes a respect of persons according to worldly possessions (compare Alma 1:30). Amalickiah illustrates another warning against freedom, the making of rash promises (v. 10). These promises were obviously made to attract followers. Politics does not change, just the names of the people and the principles they promote.

Monte S. Nyman -

Monte S. Nyman

Book of Mormon Commentary: The Record of Alma