Background to the Wars

Church Educational System
The following points summarize the background of this war period:
  1. The Zoramites dissented from the Nephites (see Alma 31:8–10).
  2. The Nephites feared the dissenters would join with the Lamanites; Alma endeavored to preach the word of God to the Zoramites to keep this from happening (see vv. 4–5).
  3. The Zoramites who believed in Alma’s preaching were cast out by the unbelieving Zoramites, who feared the loss of their wealth and power if conversion were widespread (see Alma 35:3–6).
  4. The people of Ammon, also known as the Anti-Nephi-Lehies, provided for the welfare of the cast out Zoramites (see v. 9).
  5. The apostate Zoramites threatened the people of Ammon, but the people of Ammon continued to help the rejected Zoramites (see vv. 8–9).
  6. The apostate Zoramites mixed with the Lamanites and stirred them up to war against the people of Ammon (see vv. 10–11).
  7. The people of Ammon and the converted Zoramites were evacuated, and the Nephite armies prepared for war (see v. 13).
  8. Alma was concerned about the wickedness among his people (see v. 15).
  9. Alma sent his sons, including a repentant Corianton (see Alma 49:30), among the Nephites to call them to repentance (see Alma 43:1–2).
  10. The apostate Zoramites became Lamanites (see v. 4).
  11. The Lamanites moved into the land of the Zoramites in preparation for an attack upon the Nephites (see v. 5).

Book of Mormon Student Manual (1996 Edition)