“For Behold They Were Naked and Their Skins Were Worn Exceedingly Because of Being Bound with Strong Cords”

George Reynolds, Janne M. Sjodahl

Ammon and Lamoni continued their journey to the Land of Middoni, where by God's grace, they found favor in the eyes of King Antiomno, and the prisoners were ordered released from the horrors and inhumanities practiced upon them.

When Ammon met these faithful brethren, he was greatly grieved because he saw their naked, wounded, starved, and otherwise pitiable condition. In prison, they had been bound with strong cords which had cut into their flesh, they had been denied food, and their clothes had been taken from them. But after a season of joy and thanksgiving, and mutual congratulations, they again separated, Ammon going back to the Land of Ishmael to continue his missionary duties.

They were naked. The missionaries had been treated as dangerous criminals. It appears that among the ancient Americans, to be deprived of their clothing was part of the punishment allotted to one after committing a serious crime. Compare Helaman 4:12, where "withholding their clothing from the naked," by the wealthy, is condemned as a crime serious as murder, stealing, etc.

Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 3