“I Will Grant Unto You That My Son May Retain His Kingdom”

Brant Gardner

Lamoni’s father displays a great generosity here. Not only does he fulfill Ammon’s modest request, but he also extends his generosity to his son. Because his son was with Ammon, and was tacitly supporting Ammon in the conflict with Lamoni’s father, Lamoni was in rebellion against his father. Had Ammon been defeated, Lamoni’s life was surely forfeit, just as his father had declared. In his concession, however, Lamoni’s father relinquishes his right of rule over Lamoni, making Lamoni and independent. This may have been a simple recognition of a political necessity, as Lamoni had demonstrated a lack of loyalty. Nevertheless, it was not requested, and was yet granted. It behooves us to impute generous motives to the old king.

Multidimensional Commentary on the Book of Mormon