“Ammon Spares the Life of King Lamonis Father”

Monte S. Nyman

The king’s offer of up to half of his kingdom if Ammon would spare his life (v. 21) was a huge concession from a material point of view. Remember that he was king over all the lands of the Lamanites. Ammon again shows he is a wise servant of God and harmless to the wounded king. He asks for just two small favors in comparison to the generous offer. The first favor was to have his brethren freed from prison (vv. 22, 24), very minimal for a man as powerful as the king. The second request, for the king’s son Lamoni to retain his kingdom, and for the son to govern it according to his own desire (v. 24), was wise on Ammon’s part because it protected the newly formed church and it’s members in the land of Ishmael, including King Lamoni. The love of Ammon for Lamoni was recognized by the father king, who was also wise. The recognition of the son as an independent king was not only harmless to the father king, but it allowed him to bless his son and also save his soul. In addition, the head king added a third blessing to Ammon that would be beneficial to the king beyond his expectations, and it would be a major factor in the success of the sons of Mosiah’s mission among the Lamanites. The invitation to come and teach him, the head king of all the Lamanite lands (v. 27), would open the door for their mission among the Lamanites to spread throughout the land.

Book of Mormon Commentary: The Record of Alma