“No One Hath Told Me, Save It Be God”

Brant Gardner

Here Ammon answers Lamoni’s question about the source of his information, a simple declaration of personal revelation (v. 5). The next verse immediately notes that Lamoni ordered his horses and chariots to be prepared. (For horses and chariots, see commentary accompanying Alma 18:8–9.) I argue that, given Ammon’s answer, the sequence of events is significant and that Lamoni had not necessarily planned to take his horses and chariots (whatever animals and objects they might have been) before that point. However, hearing that Yahweh was the source of Ammon’s information, Lamoni changes his plans and decides to bring his “horses and chariots”—a scenario that would be consistent with the possibility that it is a ritual conveyance carrying a totem animal or representation of deity. This special conveyance with high ritual significance would be appropriate for a visiting king who is also on a mission from Yahweh.

Second Witness: Analytical & Contextual Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 4