“The Land of Middoni”

Alan C. Miner

According to Joseph Allen, if we assume a Mesoamerican setting, and that Jerusalem and Ani Anti were cities located near Lake Atitlan (the proposed area for the waters of Mormon and the borders of Mormon), then as one travels towards Guatemala city and Kaminaljuyu (the proposed city of Nephi) he must travel through the valley of Chimaltenango (proposed land of Ishmael). As you travel onward you reach a junction (according to Alma 20:8 the routes between the lands of Ishmael, Nephi, & Middoni might intersect--king Lamoni and his father crossed paths) which if you choose to take the right fork, drops downward to the ancient capital of Antigua, which is a good candidate for “the land of Middoni” (Alma 20:2,7). Antigua was the capital of Guatemala after the Spanish Conquest. Earthquakes caused the capital to be moved to present-day Guatemala City. Antigua is down in elevation from the Chimaltenango area. Middoni was down in elevation from the Ishmael area (“Come [Ammon], I [Lamoni] will go with thee down to the land of Middoni”--Alma 20:7). [Joseph L. Allen, Exploring the Lands of the Book of Mormon, p. 368]

Step by Step Through the Book of Mormon: A Cultural Commentary