“King Lamoni Desired That Ammon Should Go with Him to the Land of Nephi”

D. Kelly Ogden, Andrew C. Skinner

Ammon and Lamoni heeded the voice of the Lord and became instruments—tools of positive change—in the Lord’s hands. Marcia Ogden noted: “Ammon and King Lamoni were driving in the king’s chariot to another part of the land. They met Lamoni’s father, who became so furious at his son for being with a Nephite that he tried to kill him. Ammon gained the advantage such that the king found himself pleading for his life. He promised Ammon that if he would spare his life he would give him up to half his kingdom.

“Ammon, already having ascended quite a way up the mount of his heavenly quest, enjoying great inspiration and revelations from a heavenly kingdom, was not interested in someone’s earthly kingdom. He asked only that the king allow his son to be free to run his own kingdom without interference.

“King Lamoni’s father was so impressed with this display of love that when Aaron, Ammon’s brother, shows up a few chapters later to teach him about the gospel he asks what he needs to do to have such great joy in his own life. What would it take to be able to have eternal life? Then he makes the stunning declaration that he would give up his whole kingdom to be able to have eternal life (Alma 22:15).

“See what happens to people when they get a glimpse of God’s world and his life? Closer to the top of the mountain, our views become glorious. Suddenly this world and its attractions—at the foot of the mountain—become trivial by comparison.”

Another key to true conversion: Lamoni’s father saw love in action, and he wanted to know more.

Verse by Verse: The Book of Mormon: Vol. 1