“The Lord Tells Ammon to Go with the King”

Monte S. Nyman

Again, Alma experiences the spirit of revelation. The Lord gives two reasons why Ammon should not go with King Lamoni to the land of Nephi (v. 2), but Ammon only relays one to the king. Ammon does not tell the king that his father will seek Ammon’s life. It seems likely that Ammon did not want to upset him regarding his father. He merely told him of his brethren being imprisoned in the land of Middoni (vv. 2, 5). Ammon may have hoped the king would have helped him, as he said he would (vv. 4, 7), or perhaps since the Lord knew King Lamoni would help, he inspired Ammon to tell him. Ammon had to give some reason for not going with the king to the land of Nephi, and the latter reason seems the most logical one. Whatever the reason, the king does decide to go with Ammon (vv. 6–7).

Book of Mormon Commentary: The Record of Alma