“The Contention Began to Be Exceedingly Sharp”

Bryan Richards

Neal A. Maxwell

"Another special challenge we face from time to time is having good motives and good intentions—and even good actions misfire. Abish, the ‘Lamanitish woman’ (Alma 19:16-17), was not the first nor the last Church member to think an opportunity to be present and, therefore, to act on the impulse to do good. Confusion and contention followed her deed, as did tears from conscientious Abish. Vindication was nearly immediate in her case, but it is much slower coming at other times.
“If our motives and actions are good, we should be able to endure some misunderstanding, but the pain and frustration of it will be real because we really care. Time and truth can cause lower courts of opinion to reverse themselves, hopefully soon. But if not, we will come to that final gate where Jesus Christ is the gatekeeper and ’he employeth no servant there.’ The gospel guarantees ultimate, not proximate, justice.” (Wherefore, Ye Must Press Forward, p. 115)